(FINAL 86-88) PS4 Qualifier match - MagicJ VS Ronsivalle

Ronsivalle wins! FINAL SCORE 88-86

Rules for the Game:

  • This is a 1 game series. The winner will face @EarvGotti in a best of 3 game series.
  • Competitors may play any player in any position, at any time.
  • There is no restriction on tactics, plays, sets, etc. Anything that is possible, as gameplay, will be allowed.
  • No flash-pausing.
  • Any pauses while having possession of the ball must be followed, upon un-pausing, with 2 seconds of inaction. i.e. no pausing while driving and then unpausing and finishing.
  • Custom courts are allowed, but the style and appearance must be a regulation NBA court: i.e. no all white or neon green courts.
  • Home team jersey must be white, yellow or gray. Visitor jersey must be a color other than white, yellow or gray.
  • Ball must be a regulation NBA basketball.

Twitch link: (https://www.twitch.tv/alexschwarzy) Hosted by MagicJ

Lineups are:





should be a good one. will ron be able to handle all of that girth in magicJ’s starting 5?

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Aye @Ronsivalle is very nice. Definitely going watch this match.


Ooo shit GO worthy , good luck guys and have fun.

You guys aren’t from the US, right?

so much sweaty girth


What’s his playstyle? I hope he’s a cheeser lol

Sad that the community didn’t vote an American & a Euro to play against one another.

Competition on the European severs is soft, from what I’ve heard.

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That’s baiting for an argument there

I’m sure there just as many skilled European players as American

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It’s not baiting so much as it is honest truth.

The odd line ups seem even heavier in Europe, so if a player can constantly will over then with a traditional line up… They have my respect

Have a good game guys!

Let him talk.

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Let’s just say he agreed to do friendly with me when I first came on here and i got destroyed by him. Just played the other day and I was up he can really keep his composure well came back and beat me. Dude is no joke I will give him that. I don’t pay attention to cheese bruh so i don’t know I just play the game really ain’t got time to worry about the other player and his style just try to get the W


Should be a fun matchup then!

It’s true

And if someone here knows my playstyle, it’s him

We played numerous times, so I’ll have to surprise him


I will say Jbone doesnt cry about cheese or how another man plays. I respect that.

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He is nice my squad was not no where near his the first game we played 2 game he matched up still got smacked. Yesterday we played my squad done improved heavily and I start running plays tips I got from @Ronsivalle And @YuBuuBuu really helped me out. I really can’t wait to watch y’all match definitely if y’all played each other more than once. But European can play 2k to guys cause this dude is nice.

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What separates the level of cheese between pressing a sequence of buttons to have the CPU get a player open for you vs. running players OOP?

Curious to see everybody’s thoughts.

MagicJ got length!!!