(FINAL 80-79) Xbox Qualifier match - raptorsbenchmob VS Delano_23


Check out our Xbox Qualifier match - raptorsbenchmob VS Delano_23 - Tonight @ 8PM EST

Rules for the Game:

  • This is a 1 game series. The winner will face @OGxSuave in a best of 3 game series.
  • Competitors may play any player in any position, at any time.
  • There is no restriction on tactics, plays, sets, etc. Anything that is possible, as gameplay, will be allowed.
  • No flash-pausing.
  • Any pauses while having possession of the ball must be followed, upon un-pausing, with 2 seconds of inaction. i.e. no pausing while driving and then unpausing and finishing.
  • Custom courts are allowed, but the style and appearance must be a regulation NBA court: i.e. no all white or neon green courts.
  • Home team jersey must be white, yellow or gray. Visitor jersey must be a color other than white, yellow or gray.
  • Ball must be a regulation NBA basketball.

Twitch link: (https://mixer.com/Raptorsbenchmob) Hosted by raptorsbenchmob

Lineups are:





Let’s get it!!

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When did @Delano_23 go X-Box? Coulda sworn I played you on PS4? Aren’t you the one who’s heard my kids screaming in the background or is that someone else? (Others definitely have.)

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he’s been on xbox all year I think

That sounds slightly disturbing out of context :sweat_smile:

Maybe on both. I just checked and in this cycle, we played in the “Only Inside the Arc Shots Count” tourney…and he clobbered me 2 or 3 times.

Hah. I imagine it could. But if one has their own kids, I think that’s all the context one needs.

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Let’s go! You got this @Delano_23


Have fun guys!

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Raps in 4


Hahaha yea that was me. I bought an Xbox after I got banned and ended up liking it more than PS4 performance wise. So technically I’m on both now


Good luck to @raptorsbenchmob and @Delano_23. Go out there and kill it yall!


Nice I’ll be in attendance


Thanks man ! @2kgamer how are we deciding who hosts and streams ?

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@Delano_23 good luck bro. !

is there no way to have volume?

Only if you plug in the mic I think but that’s on twitch

Raps gotta hop out that zone

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comeback szn

Good hop step D!

Nevermind do ya thang Rap

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