Fill in the blanks in this lineup

So here are the definites that I want to use. Will play out of position (i.e. PF for Giannis, PF for LeBron, etc). Just curious what you guys come up with to surround these guys. Also I prefer not to run these two duos on the floor together would rather separate them into two units, with LeBron and MJ being the primary scorers (ideally)

Duo: PD Magic & Perfect LeBron
Duo: Perfect MJ & 97 Pippen
PD Giannis (w/ Kyries)

Outside of that I can pick up pretty much any cards available on the AH to round out the roster (I have a lot of the PD’s already anyway). I also have locked in 98 KD, 98 Hakeem, 99 Oscar & 97 Dirk, 98 Shaq, PD Donovan). The only cards I won’t be able to consider are locker code cards like Duncan or rare cards and their set rewards (like Rondo & KG, Iverson etc)


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I kind of like this, but honestly the bench could be swapped with the starters. MJ and Pip are just too good to be benched, and Giannis is a monster everywhere on the court. Ben + Joel are an interesting duo since Ben gets a boosted 3, and if you can find an Embiid with the orange Adidas shoe, you’ve got an animal at C.

I put Dr. J, Bird and KAT as the last three just in case you wanted other options. Bird is probably my favorite card, J is insane, and KAT is reliable.

YES thanks this is exactly what I was looking for. I HAVE THAT SHOE on my Embiid :smiley:

I also already have Simmons & Bird but would need to scoop up AD, Klay and KD. I have Bird but not Dr J or KAT. I love this size of this lineup.

For some reason I have never been comfy with AD at C. Does he matchup OK against Wilts, Kareems?

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He does for me, and he’s a god with either the white or grey kobes. AD is super good, but in case he’s too small, that’s why KAT is there as a back-up-back-up C.

How is perfect MJ and Lebron for you? I want to grab LBJ to pair with Magic, but I’ll probably need to sell a player or two.

These perfect MJ & LBJ cards are absurd. Automatic scorers. Goes to show how broken the defense is that they aren’t total clamp gods though.

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They have to give the mortal players a chance lol