FIFA 22 2KG Gang

After abandoning FIFA for some years, in which I had great time playing 2K, I’m definitely more than excited to make the reverse step and start my Ultimate Team journey while I take a longer break from the NBA series.

That being said, I would really like to know if there are others on here who will be grinding the game, so maybe we can exchange some tips during the year on here.

Web app and EA play early access are confirmed for 22. September :sunglasses:

Who’s on the football weave too?

Might play, early access as in usual 10 hour trial?

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Yeah, but some say you could maybe get 20h if you install old and next gen version… like 10h on ps4 and 10 on ps5

Im switching to Pes this season, eFootball will be free.
Really curious what will they drop for nextgen. For '21 they just did a season update, no new engine…

Will pick up Fifa if its on sale this season max… and of course the trial + some web app, that part is fun always, I like the trading aspect of it.

FIFA > Sports Games, last year was my ffirst year playing an enjoyed it so much


my final team, officially uninstalled last week


I’m here!

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Another one

Much more sophisticated game mode (FUT), than MyTeam. I’ll try to play both but FUT will probably take most of my time

Here’s my starter team, started playing a few days ago, IG I switch Gossens with Mertens. I like to have a bit different team, its really fun to play with and to destroy all these boring EPL teams.

Btw IF Osimhen and Muriel are insane IG

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Man… I went back to FUT after ignoring it completely last year and the mode is mind blowing if compared to MyTeam.

So entertaining and rewarding!

As a basketball fan, it makes me so freaking sad that EA can’t manage to bring out a decent NBA game since the ultimate team would for sure be 100x better than MyTeam.

Btw… I started quite well on FIFA :grin:

Packed Mbappe and some other bangers! Can’t wait for the first WL :four_leaf_clover:


Wow…how do you have a team like that already? Surely this can’t be NMS? :smiley:

I never spend any money on FIFA points and I also have a pretty bad pack luck, I did the hybrid nations SBC but the best I got in these packs were 2 IFs that were so bad that it made no sense to even sell them so I discarded them both for 9500 coins each… :rofl:

I’ll try to do the hybrid leagues as well I guess

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I’ve ditched 2K for FIFA for now. Just a better overall experience considering variety of game modes and content.

Got mad lucky with the Hybrid SBC’s and packed IF Vinicius, VVD and Bruno from those packs alone. Also sniped a Ginola on Friday which I sold for 500k profit after the price range update :sunglasses:

Wow you sure are lucky, unlike me who only gets shitty 83s and discard IFs from these packs. :sweat_smile:

I guess I gotta do the hybrid leages then as well, but you need to have loyalty bonuses on the last challenge right? Or are you able to do it without it?

I can’t play Nba & Fifa at the same time :sweat_smile: Fut + MT is a huge time and/or budget killer. A mixture of time management, being old (slower reflexes) etc… I was about to buy it this year, bought 2k22 in last min.

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I had the same problem man haha, I couldn’t decide between the two so I just bought both. It’s really difficult to play both and still have a life though yeah :rofl: I’m gonna play both casually I guess

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Indeed, i got 24’000 fifa points at the very beginning of EA play.

Had some decent pulls and sold everything that’s not over 85 rated meta… the prices were great at in the first days.

Now i have the team above and i’m stocked with 84-89 rated players i got for cheap to use or sell for the upcoming SBCs (hope we get CR7 POTM to restore some order on the market)

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That’s typically ny pack luck every year lol, finally paid off though.

I don’t think you can do them without loyalty no. I just went into Squad Battles games and quit out after kickoff, didn’t take that long. I did the League and Nation Hybrid too, I figured you either break even or make profit so it’s worth it if you hit something big.

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thinking of getting fifa 22 soon. Hows the gameplay compared to 21 ?
better ? worst ? the same ?

EA’s way to welcome me back :joy:

Slower… pace isn’t that important anymore. Takes time to get used to but after taking such a long break from the game I enjoy it very much.


Okay that is great to hear!

i love fut mode. better prizes than 2k and much more of a selection of players to build you team with compared to 2k.
probably going to grab is black friday