FIBA World Cup 2019

FIBA World Cup 2019

The competition just started with Angola vs. Serbia.

Interesting two weeks of international basketball ahead as Team USA seems not to be god given to win it all this time.


Yeah watching the Angola Serbia game now, i think therell be some good basketball with USA playing the squad they are. Serbia definitely a good chance of winning it

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Do any of you guys know good links where to watch these games?


Serbia 105 - 59 Angola

No chance for the African champions in this one

Russia-Nigeria tight game guys, 38-35 Russia up so far, Nigeria got some good players in Aminu, Udoh and etc.

Nigeria seems like the dark horse nobody’s counting on but they are actually playing very well… Russians missing some very important players

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Yeah i think Serbia will be tough to beat, quite solid through the whole squad

shoudnt it be on too?

Greece should be exceptional tho.

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Yeah i happened onto the highlights of the exhibition game a couple weeks ago vs serbia, insanely entertaining!

Yeah definitely plenty of threats to the USA

Jokic playing PF is quite a cheat code in the post

Yeah not many of these teams will be able to guard him, he has too many weapons

Goup H with Lithuania, Australia, Canada and Senegal seem to be the hardest one! So unpredictable

been mostly impressed by Bogdanovic so far.


I think Australia gonna beat us, just honestly not a great coach and average PG’s and Mills gonna have a field day, but you never know.

I feel like Lithuania are very underrated too

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We lost 2 games to Serbia only by few points so that gives me some hope and in general our team play been pretty fine, but Australia is very tough team and they got Baynes and Bogut to machup against JV and Sabonis.

Im Australian myself, our issue is we are very inconsistent and during those warm up games, other than the second against USA, were a bit quiet. We really do have a solid squad but wouldve liked to have had simmons and exum available