Federal Relief/Response for COVID-19

I meaaaaaaaaan

There’s gotta be a catch

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Donnie cutting checks

Just a ploy to be re elected. “I didn’t fuck with Trump before, but after this check…ionnn know” type shit. That’s the goal anyway


Honestly some people are going to be grateful (especially in the food industry) since restaurants and bars are shut down in some states

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No ploy and no catch. This isn’t to make him look good. The economy needs it. I think it will actually happen twice.


Economy still gonna collapse anyway. Millions are currently unemployed and will be for months. Buckle down bro’s this will be the time of our lives.


We’re resilient. We’ll make it.


Bush did the same shit and taxed us for it… no money is free and my refund won’t cover the tax on the money my household would get

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Take that $1000 and invest it. If your other shit is in order.


Im very skilled in many different things… I’ll find a way to provide for my family


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I’m not Republican or Democrat. And I think this is a great thing. No need to bash it. This will literally save some people.


kneegus still gon spend it on packs smh


I agree, in the short term.

Although long-term, it’s just going to inflate the USD.

Who dat?

I’m interested, explain this a lil more

poor people dont care about all that for now they just trying to survive and not starve. As long as it puts food on the table for how ever many months that is. Rich and middle class care about the long term. Most poor just need that paper


Pumping money into the economy reduces the value of each dollar, as prices will normally go up since the buying power of the USD will decrease.

Think of it as really simple math (it’s much more complex, but entertain me).

If you have a bunch of goods, say 5,000, and you have $5,000 in the economy, the price per good is $1.

Now if you just add $1,000 (printing money essentially, increasing the supply), you have around 5,000 goods (maybe more due to what was manufactured/produced in the extreme short term), but now $6,000. To match the money supply, the price of each good would now increase to $1.20, or by 20%.

Very rudimentary, but helps explain my point. While the US citizen has more money in their pocket, they would need to expect to pay more for basic goods/services in the long-term.


Wow okay yea I get that , never thought of that

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