Favourite animations

Favourite animations in the game, either flashiest or most effective?

Tim Duncans drop step is extremely effective in my opinion

Kobes animation where hes falling to the ground everytime Dame does a crossover. trash


Post step back 10 creates so much space. With Big Z it’s do hard to guard since he’s 7’3.

Wilkins step back it’s awesome

Diamond Oscar has some nasty dunks, like 180 reverse pump back. It’s absurd sometimes.

I havent used him this year but last years, diamond dwight had desroyed many backboards

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PD Kobe??

Gilbert Arenas stepback for me

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Obviously park dribbles that Granger has.
For bigmen, Hakeem’s post animations, for guards MJ’s.
MJ’s moving shot, JR’s standing (base 49).
Drexler dunking package.

PD JR Smiths crossover, escape dribble and especially his step back 3. The only shot I get to go in consistently (and it feels like AND1)


Ewing’s fadeaway still the best fadeaway by far. He starts his animation in the zone and fades back to the half court line

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Hedo behind the back > hesitation = bucket.

And post fades : yao, melo, worthy, pierce, hakeem

Not gonna mention giannis animations…


The one where my opponent tries to blow by, runs into another defender and enters the 3 second stumbling animation

Kawhi Leonard has the best non-dribble animations for a wing in the game.


Kareem blowing a dunk and hanging for 5secs there watching the game from the same angle my opponent watches.


worthy size up dribble

jr moving 3

giannis euro dunk

webber post fades

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Magics reverse

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Nailed it.

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Kemba Walker dribbles were pretty good for the day I used him lol

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I love Magic’s momentum cross into between the legs! And Hakeem’s fade too

There’s one that HOF Posterizer gets.

It’s the MEANEST dunk I’ve ever seen.

Both guys end up lying on the ground with everyone waiting for them to get up and the game has to cut to the inbounder already ready to inbound the ball.

That’s one of the best IMO

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