Favourite 2k soundtracks?

ik its odd but im very partial to the 2k19 soundtrack. back when i was tryna take advantage of that ah glitch i heard these songs 24/7. now i muted 2k20 and play the 2k19 songs

2k11 hands down has the best soundtrack, followed by 2k12 and 2k14

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We’re playin baaaa sket baaaaaalllllll, we’re playin bassss ket baaaaaaaalll…

Best 2k intro ever at least.


2k8 because of Stones Throw

2k6 because it was basically a underground hip hop mixtape lol.

2k11, 12 and 14 were cool too.

2k14 by FARRRRR

2K13 for me

2K10 and 2K11. That Ron Artest song on 2K10 was the shit but my favorite was probably 2K8 as that was the first 2K I really dug into heavy. Had Beastie Boys and alot of other classic songs on there.

I might get hate for this, but I really liked 2K18’s soundtrack.

The JayZ one was easily the best imo. This years is easily the worst.

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Easily 2k13 and 2k11

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I used to like all the soundtracks until a couple years ago when any actual good songs were replaced with shitty mumble rap songs.


2k10, 2k11, 2k12 were the best 3 year stretch ever.

2k15 was the worst load of garbage I’ve ever heard though. F Pharell.

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2k13 and 2k11

Whatever one had Rise and Shine by J. Cole on there



I had that song on repeat. Love J. Cole

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2k13 and 16

That was 16

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2k10-2k12 were great. I didn’t mind 2k13-2k17 either, but after that it was hot trash.

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