Favorite Shot Releases So far?

Everyone’s shot release is different this year compared to their 2k19 version so it’s back to the drawing board it feels like.

What are your favorite ones so far?


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Tim Legler

I got Ruby Lillard and it feels like he tryna throw up a bowling ball.


Ones to stay away from so far: Tatum lol. Kyrie’s is pretty slow, but then again, everyone’s release is slower this year

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is it just me or it’s hard to hit 3’s in the freestyle?

Pretty sure kelly olynik has fade 3

I’m struggling too. Also hate that no one is rebounding for me in freestyle :joy:


generally I feel like it’s 2k20 closed beta

he still a bucket though?

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jaylen brown feels pretty good

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I may have to check him out. I’m in need of guys that play SOME defense and I assume he’s decent

Another vote for Jalen Brown.

Never used his card but greened 3 jumpers in the first challenge on rookie

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In my 4-5 games so far, Tmac and Zion have my most greens.

Only got in 2 games on rookie against the cpu, so everything goes in. So take what you want from that lol

Terrance Ross and Zion

hmmm how much is he worth?

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Also Sapphire Porzingis has an easy jumper to green

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Got lucky and pulled him, although Kyrie was going for about 8,500 or so last night. So id assume Lillard’s price is similar.

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