Favorite Ruby?


Mine is Darius Miles with the AD Mids


prob jonathan isaac or gerald green

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Yao Ming

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Ruby thurl


Thon and bamba


Rex Chapman, Thurl Bailey, Mo Bamba, Dick Van Arsdale, Thon Maker, Marcus Smart


Dick is Ruby Klay on roids


awesome card. awesome release, awesome defense… he is killing it big time


I NEVER see anyone run him in a budget squad, He has Klays animations, dribbles, EVERYTHING, way better defense

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Marcus Smart or Thurl for me.


Smart + Bradley duo is OP as hell aswell


Which one you put at PG? Hesitant to run Bradley because he’s so small especially when Smart is already out there.


i am running him since the day he was released. He is my starting SG with Rex Chapman as his backup.

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Darius Miles this new Gerald Green tho is a killa

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Mo Bamba


Darius Miles with a 3 point shoe :slight_smile:

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Thon Maker with CP3’s


Mines are Mo Bamba and Marcus Smart


That Ruby Tony Allen is a sleeper, too. He can finish at the rim.