Favorite realease?

What is your favorite release? Mine personally is jimmy butler

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Brandon Roy. Best scorer in the game because of it

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Kobe, Jimmy, and honorable mention the Darius Miles

Kobe’s seems a bit faster this year does it not?

Pick&pop/c&s Marc, fadeaway/moving Kobe, off dribble Finley.


I think I’m liking Grant Hill’s the most. It’s perfect online or offline for me.

Offline, I love the super fast releases, but I prefer the mid speed releases online because I feel there’s more room for error if I’m getting lagged. Grant’s is the sweetspot.


Julius Erving (which I guess is just Rudy Gay)

Lebron an release this years has been great. But the best has to be ak47


Michael Redd


Lebron always got a nice release

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Redd was very consistent for me Im gonna have to pick him back up he’s nice

I’m newer at the game but surprised that the only release I seem to have nailed down is Draymond

Easy to time but slow



You don’t gotta do that lol just say the release

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Drazen’s is good once you get the hang of it

Love Chris mullins

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JR, Klay, and AK are my most consistent releases

I have to post JRs Card. Probably the only card I don’t mind just chucking with