Favorite Player Of All Time/Why

For me it’d have to be Magic. So fun to watch. Iverson would be close second. How about you guys?

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Carlo: Lebron
Shoko: Lebron
Dadevangarrett: Lebron
Perke: Duncan
Kinsman: Klay
Berto: Westbrook
Smithboys: Westbrook
MrBlunty: Kobe
Dmitchellgod: Kobe
Kobe6rings: Kobe
Ozzymamba: Magic
Johnnyhimrod: Dirk
Fra44: Steph
JuanT: Kevin Love

Who’d I miss


Yosemite_Ham: Jokic

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Dwayne Wade is my guy

I appreciate a guy winning it early in his career

Year 3 for Wade

Baby Champ

Hes humble in victory and gracious in defeat

Carries himself with that old school swagger. Even when his team loses you don’t see Wade pout


Steve Nash.


Yes followed closely by

2: the guy that passed it to Jokic
3: the guy that made the shot to give Jokic his 3d

Then probably Iverson


LeBron. First ever nba game I watched was him hitting the game winner vs magic in 2009.


You know the vibes

Capture _2020-01-11-21-14-05

2 :goat:


Wade > Melo > LeBron

Melo was my favorite for some time



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Dr J
Why? Because he is the Doctor


But Wade did his own thing. Stayed true to Miami

Didn’t sign w Nike and Jordan

Just does things his way

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Wade was signed to Jordan for a while wasn’t he

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I have Mamba in my user name…

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My Uncle is an OG Laker fan loves Magic&Kareem but always shouts out the DR

The DR seems like a Goat

LeBron #6 like the the The real J

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You know, that had occurred to me but I thought I remembered you saying one time Magic was the goat Laker lol

Which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s your favorite player though :laughing:

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LeBron, prime LeBron which I believe was Miami lebron was just absolutely dominance and it was beautiful to watch, I didn’t appreciate it at the time because I didn’t like him back then, I was a rose and Dwight fan, I hated the heat, but I understood why I hated them and studied them more and they ended up becoming my favorite team of all time and LeBron my favorite player of all time

Everyone loves Magic. Even Jordan :rofl:

I just noticed no MJ diehards here

We all are inside

Nah man my top 5 favorite players (note favorite, not my top 5 players) are:

Alonzo Mourning
Jerry West

Magic is tied with Larry in 6th for me.

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