Favorite playbooks

I have every playbook but am selling everything. What are some of yalls favorite i should keep? I use

Cavs, 94 heat, bucks, and nets obviously

Heat 13

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Lakers. Nuggets. 94 rockets. Trailblazers. All great books.

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94 rockets


Maybe it was you but saw a couple people talking about how it is a sleeper play book.l the other day on here. Want to try it

Any favorite plays u can share?

Why does everyone sleep on the Celtics book

13 heat can be spotted a mile away btw


94 rockets and Kings. Credits to rca😁

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Kings is the most under-rated book in the game… hammer and Iversons play… No clue why youtuber didnt pick up on it yet


Heaps of 3 point plays for sg, sf, pf. I mostly use the quick 4 rip dbl(looks like a point freelance) and quick 3 iverson.

You are rca right?

naw… i run 4 plays but i dont actually run them, i use them for formations for the Standing Alley trick.

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Sorry, thought your him. Hahahah😁. I run 5 plays under king pb. But most of the time those 2 are my favorites.

That 94 rockets used to be fun but most of my opponents knew this pb. Thats why i ended up using kings now

Celtics playbook is great. Started using it more recently and liking it. Also Pelicans playbook is pretty amazing.

Every time Ive ever tried to use it the dudes were waiting to intercept the ball.

What’s the standing Alley trick out of the kings playbook