Favorite MyTeam Streamers

Personally mine is Gaming with Lexx and Dcentric. Wby?



Sam and carlo


@Ballin247 :rofl::rofl:

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Splash and ImjustIsaac for me. I like learning comp play and card reviews

Tydebo especially since he won the Play Now Tourney today

As well as Splash and Isaac


Havent had much change to watch Tydebo much this year. Does he stream much anymore?

He’s been in the lab practicing for the Tourney. I’m pretty sure hes gonna be back streaming daily

HTB, YBC, DBG & Carlos a lot of Green Peen and we going all the way lol

Carlo221 / bio2k on twitch

Shakenbake ,killzamoi and at me bro on youtube.

Dbg is good when he isn’t whiny in his reviews.

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Jake Mason is solid