Favorite Dynamic Duos

Who is everyone’s favorite Dynamic duo to play with?

I’ve played with Amy Curry/Ruby Klay and then today tried Amy Billups/Ruby Rip. Both good combos for budget ballers imo.

My fav will be any new ones we get, because it means they actually bothered to put more in.

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When was the last duos update, September? This is precisely the time of year we need duos, before cards are OP.

I think it’s a sin these Throwback packs aren’t littered with duos.

Half the reason I asked. I was hoping to find out about new ones released… So much for that.

I’m waiting for Oscar and KAJ duo

For real. Big O duo with the PD Kareem. Magic Duo with either the AM or DIA one.

Oh, shit… I meant to post this yesterday after I had a reply about the duos:

Look familiar?

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fk that guy!

Don’t worry, they’re saving duos for one last cash grab at the end of the year. That way we can use duos on cards that don’t even need them and play a completely dead game.

They said that last year, took 3 months lol


Exactly. He just substituted “and be patient” for last year’s “:eyes:”.

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I remember sitting on fucking DI Gary Payton for ages, waiting for the Kemp duo to drop. Turned out fine, MT-wise, but not worth the wait for appreciation.

Gold DSJ & Gold Luka Doncic