Favorite Childhood memories?

Anyone got any funny or awesome childhood memories that you’ll never forget ? I know I’ve had a few ( the time my best friend poured yogurt on my head in elementary school lmao, or when I started grade primary and got in trouble for saying some stuff at my age which was at 5 that I shouldn’t of been lmao)
Anyone got any to share lol

When I was 4 years old I was with my parents at the bowling alley and they were really busy with the game and I was bored. A friend of theirs said he was going to get pizza and I asked if I could go with him. He said ‘only if your parents say it’s ok’. So I went to my mom and she was too busy and she said ‘I dunno ask your father’. I went and asked him and he said ‘I dunno ask your mother’. So I figured it was fine and away we went to pick up pizza. We’re gone maybe 45 minutes and we come back to the bowling alley the place is swarming with cops and they rip the guy out of the car and arrest him for kidnapping. That’s my childhood memory :joy:


One time at band camp…


I remember having nightmare babysitters as a kid. It was 3 ladies watching about 30 kids. I’d have to sleep in this dusty old room, she’d make us stay in the shed with the lights turned off if we we’re bad, they used to make us line up and piss in a pot, I was in timeout for hours once because I didn’t know how to tie my shoe, they’d give you a spoonful of crushed red pepper too if you were bad. Yea they got shut down a few years later but even as a young kid, I knew how fucked up it was. I still remember the day hearing “your grandpa will be taking you to school now” it was like a weight off my shoulders. Fuck that place


Damn bro!! Sounds like some 18th century shit

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It was, my parents are immigrants so these old fucks with old ways used to watch us lol they got shut down because of fire codes, too many kids


I would think they would be shut down for the literal child abuse before the fire codes haha


We were kids, nobody said shit. The parents were clueless, some of the parents treated their kids the same way lol

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That is some crazy stuff

You need to sell your movie rights immediately sir!

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Lol it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Strict European immigrants, it’s just the culture. But I knew it wasn’t right, it’s not like that anymore. My parents divorced because of my dad being stuck in his old ways too, thankfully he’s changed.


I know what your saying

I’m a child of immigrants … I got caught taking something once when I was younger

Soon as my mom got me home she put a cutting board on the floor and grabbed a cleaver… She told me this is how thieves get dealt with where she is from

That shit traumatized me for years ( I do still have my hands and fingers lol )


Watch WWE ruthless aggression era Smackdown 06-07 every friday free cable


Lmao bruh

Well god damn that ending I wasn’t expecting lmao

Hell yeah bro Ruthless Agression era was great!! Although it ended do to the man who was known for “Toothless Aggression” Chris Benoit.

I remember very little from my childhood and I’m 21 lmao. I have bad memory with that stuff but when it comes to stuff with numbers im okay lmao well remembering them…

anyways, with my father i have a lot of crazy stories lmao. hes a funny guy sometimes lol

I remember “watching” the PPVs on the jumbled channel because I didn’t order it and sometimes you’d get a glimpse of what was going on. Mostly just listening to the jumbled commentary.

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