Favorite cards this year?

Lonzo, Luka and Deron carried me in unlimeted and TTO. Garland, Marvin and Rip Hamilton have made some INSANE comebacks in Limited. Ray and Sealy were my 2-3 combo for 3 months since release. DeRozan and KD were my best pack pulls. While Glenn is still in my collection to this day because he carried me to so many wins

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i think out of almost all the cards i used this year, that opal kermit lasted the longest. i loved that card… i’d also prolly throw luka and glenn as my favorites as well.

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DM Anthony Edwards & Amethyst Zach Lavine

Diamond Stockton and Zion, opal Hondo, wade and mchale probs some of my favourites to use in their time. Used Hondo basically all year since the weekend he dropped

My favorite card in the whole game this year has gotta be DM Danny Ferry. I finally got a chance to use the demon that is Ferry at the end of the year and it felt so good cooking people with this card

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Was there any doubt?

Thank you 2k for releasing an amazing Bamba card that was affordable from day 1 unlike 2k20


I nearly locked in for Hondo before the Invincible came out


That Bamba is even more FIRE when you duo him with that GO Isaac. He is as good as any of the invincible 7 footers in my opinion

Connie Hawkins, D Stockton , Big Ben, Elgin Baylor, Wes Unseld (both cards) GO Penny, OOP Magic Grant Hill and uncle Cliff…

My favorite cards this year were probably diamond monta ellis and john stockton after i slapped hella badges on them. Those were probably the cards i used the longest this year.

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I am happy for u that u got to use that card man fr. Reading ur comments and post this year were probably some of the mains reasons i got on here daily. When i saw him in packs even tho i dont know u u were the first thing i thought if and getting on here to read ur reaction lol

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how could i forget… or is it already a given? do i even have to say?