Favorite Card - What's Yours?

The only endgame card I need

Notable runners up -

What’s yours? favorite to use all year

Hero Hakeem
PG Iggy
Jamaal Wilkes.

Zero Gravity Richard Jefferson. I started towards the latter part of last season—and he was like my level 40 reward. I have since added a bunch of HOF badges and he is now in Invincible territory.


i wish i grinded for him, best free scoring card this year i think

Tacko, had mine badged up to 45 from base and counting but just sold him unfortunately to fund Wilt and getting the 80 HOF badges. Hopefully I can but him back cheap enough:(

probably Doctor J (the PD and then the DM)

he is a bit outdated now but I still run him in one of my line-ups (I have bin using six 5-men line-ups all year) and will continue notwithstanding there are many better options

I also really enjoyed (and still use) DM Lavine (at PG) and Pippen (the GO and now the Inv)

Evolved DM Gary payton.

My favorite card was my 45 HoF Tacko, until i got End Game Wilt.

Now, my favorite card is my 80 HoF Tacko. :joy:


Can you get him beyond 64 badges?

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Lol no. I haven’t applied the badges yet. I forgot he has a limit! (you kinda bummed me out now that you reminded it to me :joy: )

But that’s still my answer, he was my fave and he still will be after i apply those badges.

End Game Wilt is amazing, with the perfect stats/animations/badges but for me nothing beats Tacko body model.

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When I bought a 64 HOF Tacko a few hours ago, there was a similar one finishing every hour or even several an hour. So many guys put down half their badges on that guy…

Anyway, favorite cards this year are Ruby Tacko and Ruby Smart(together, 30 HOFs!) for offline, along with Sam Jones, who has no dribbling ability but never misses and always gets by his man for awkward dunks.

And Ruby Sabonis for Limited.

And Emerald Lonzo and Gold Shaq and Ruby Smush Parker for Ttoff.

And Cedric Maxwell is out of control good. I might max badge Cedric, but I kinda wanna max badge a low-tier card with a shot on very fast. I could go Smush or Vinnie Del Negro(only problem is Smush was Kobe’s b with an itch, and Vinnie is so damn accountant)

OOP Jordan has probably been my favorite all year. That card fucking rips. Invincible T Mac has been a lot of fun too.

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It’s bout to be this Scottie Barnes lol

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PD Ricky Rubio

GO Yao Ming

Gold JaKarr Sampson and Ruby Sabonis. Both offline are amazing. Impossible to lose a TT offline game with those 2 and both great in limited.

Does OOP Jordan do that Portland-Finals layup, the change hands to layup instead of dunk thing?

Saw they changed his layup package for the Hero. Will buy the OOP if he doesn’t have that layup

Thought it was Tacko, but damn, I can’t live without my SM Rudy Gay at SG!