Favorite Batman comics/ overrated/underrated ones?

Got some new ones today si I think I’d like to ask which do you think are great?Under/overrated ones?

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Didn’t read much, it’s not easy to get where I live lol.

My fave is without a doubt The Killing Joke.

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Hush is one of my favorites.

Really liked the movie as well, was a great job of adapting the comic

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I was gonna buy it yesterday. So far got the Killing Joke, Arkham Asylum( the first one I think), Batman and Son which I really wanna read, 2 of the Knightfall ones, Under The Red Hood and Death in the Family.
I really gotta read a lot.

The ones on my list to buy now are:
Year One,Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall part 2,The Batman who laughs,death of the family, Long Halloween, Batman R.I.P, Hush, Court of owls.

Dark Knight returns is my favorite hands down.

And knightfall/long Halloween is pretty sick.

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Long Halloween I gotta buy ASAP

Snyder’s Black Mirror, Grant Morrison’s entire run is superb as well