Fav TTO lineups?

I know there’s a strong thread about how TTO needs to be fixed (and it does), but I’m also wondering who everyone is running in their TTO lineups for the time being.

I’m also fairly new to the mode. Does anyone know how matchups work? It’s pretty clear the CPU matchups in TTOff are loosely tied to player tier. Does the same apply in TTO?

Mobile bigs have worked well for me bagley is my tt0 map he can almost play point guard in an all big lineup

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Tim haradaway
Devonte graham
Jalen rose

All rubies. Good releases (I think Trey Burke release on graham is the worst if the 3)


I use PD Walt Frazier (HOF floor general) PD Glenn Robinson and Ruby Jeff Green all 3 fully badged. I reach game 10 every board.

Oh snap, how do you like that Walt? I’m about to pick him up, too.

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His release is slow AF but he clamps and he finishes around the rim well.

Lillard , Kawhi and Ibaka for me.


So I combined your suggestion of Kawhi and @Sonny_Balboa’s suggestion of PD Walt Frazier with Sapphire Glen Rice (easy easy green). It’s a fun trio when I feel too lazy/non-sober to play decent defense - I can offball with Glen and let the other two wreak total havoc on defense.
Walt’s 3 is a touch slow, but not awful. His badges seem super helpful and the defense of him and Kawhi is a lot of fun.


Btw Blazer fan for life here. When they won the championship on June 5th 1977 I was at the game in my Mother’s WOMB.

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