Fastest way to grind rebounds?

In 4-5 min challenges I can get 25-30 boards w Dwight using QTSTS for off reb and a bronze pf for def reb, but I feel like one of u guys has a much better method

Play TT Offline. Pick 2 bronze bums and Dwight, your opponent will be all trash players. Call for Pick and roll with Dwight, brick the shot and he will grab the board 90% of the time. Rinse and repeat. I grabbed 70 boards in a TTO game once. If you need points too, start a bronze C with Dwight, you’ll get a smaller matchup on Dwight and it’s easy hook shots


Thanks man💯

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Yeah it works fine , play with 2 bronze guards and keep Iggy to snatch every rebounds

What I dont like about using 2 bums is that u cant evolve other players on the 2 spots. And besides that Dwight fades quite often in tto for whatever reason :joy:

When you’re evoing players, the CPU will match up to the original tier. So if you’re trying to evo Dwight, it’ll match him up against sapphires even if hes on diamond already. I did Isaiah Bowen and a bronze at the same time and it was against mostly scrubs. Just back down with Dwight and press up on the stick, his hook creates good space too.


best way is using 3 low starting tier evo players that all need different things… right now I evo Jrue, Iggy and D12 they complement each other very well

I think a lot of ppl evolving those players (i do too) , still waiting for first PD jrue on market , he will rocket fly on AH