Fastest way to get 150 tokens?

Need 150 for Wilt. Don’t want to lock sets.

Lock those sets


Unless you want to sit there and grind for hours on end, lock those sets


There is no fast way for 150 tokens if your not locking sets

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Would it be faster going 12-0 6 times, Grinding TTO, or doing all time dom?

I’m locking ALL the HC to get Wilt :smile:


All time domination will give you over 200 if you finish it. But that’s 33 games. I did that to grind out my last few tokens for Worthy because it’s guaranteed and also adds to collector level with cards.

I’m at 666 tokens right now, going to lock city jerseys, earned jerseys and throwback on Thursday for last 90. Not going to lock any of the heat checks. I have almost all from trying to collect for JR but going to sell back all for a nice chunk of change.

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I mean going 12-0 gets u 25 tokens. U could get someone to do it for you 6 times. Lol.

What’s faster: finishing Dom or grinding 300 tokens in MTU?

All time domination is probably the best.
TT offline will take about 25 hours to reach 150 and in Unlimited, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to easily win all 72 games in a row. Even if you were able to, and even if half those games had your opponent rage quit before the game even started, it would still take longer than domination, which gets you more than 150, plus stuff for collector level and Maurice Lucas (yay I guess??).

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If you get to top of boards in TTO online about 15 hours, if not sooner.

But domination is borring as hell… im actualy 300 tokens away and im grinding MTU without loosing, i got many ragequit and i will admit this still take mad long…

im thinking about paying someone to do all the domination for me… i can’t do it…

Domination will be quicker and at least you won’t have to deal with sweaties so you can mess around with themed lineups and stuff

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Just lock in the sets, what you’re gonna spend like 200k on opal wilt? Not a bad investment

yeah i know but offline stuff is boring as hell to me

Did Domination a couple years ago. I don’t have the mental capacity to zombify myself and run it again similar to collection rewards

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Lmao just remember… THIS kinda shit is a bucket for the CPU in Domination… i’m currently playing the ‘00’ Stars in Fantasy

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triple threat online for 14-16 hours should do it

or a mixture of tto & unlimited to switch it up

forgot about how much tokens dom gives but completed it the first month for tokens

what line up did you use TT Offline? I’m on board 7 now? thinking kawhi-porzingas and greek freak

i only play tt online

for tt offline any 3pt shooter with screeners is effective

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