Fastest token grind?

Is it MTU assuming you can get rage quits fairly regularly?

Or is it offline TTO? Haven’t touched that mode at all really so I am unfamiliar with how fast you can accumulate tokens there.

I need 200 for my first Opal.

Offline is good but it is SO boring.

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Offline TT.

You can complete 5 boards in 2h, which is 30 tokens.

Sometimes you get lucky in TTO, but generally it’s rare to get more than 10 tokens. And one board takes like 45min. Sometimes you don’t get anything.
Then there’s people who pause and waste your time.

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I would say TTO. I was getting about 20-30 tokens in two runs per day. It’s also much better than beating the CPU over and over again.

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Yeah that’s a pretty good rate if it’s guaranteed tokens. Is this something that can be done repeatedly or once you finish the mode you can’t earn tokens anymore (like Domination)? Sorry, just never really played/understood the mode and it’s rewards.

When you’re hunting for tokens and you see 15x with one ball drop you need to prepare yourself for epic disappointment though :joy:


Sure, it will happen, but from my experience you’ll get what the game owes you if you wait long enough.

Offline 17hr straight u have enough

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You have 6 regular boards. 30 current teams.
Board 7 is repeatable and you play vs various random lineups.

I’ve played countless TTO games and it’s extremely unreliable and if you’re going for just tokens, ofline is better.

You’ve done it Carlo?

Ok thanks! And that’s the one they just updated to be 6 tokens, right?

With the recent update it’s Triple threat offline, 6 tokens each run for board 7. It takes 4~5 minutes per game and there’s 5 games to clear the board

I grind it for wilt… but if they add opal people want not walt ill do it

Yeah, it was only 3 tokens before the update.
But even then it was close to TTO in terms of tokens per hour.

Get a friend to match up with for 12-0 runs, even if you donget matched up with someone else you’ll still go 10-2,11/1, do it once a day you’ll have him in 2 weeks

Takes a half hour on one end

Got it… how many tokens are boards 1-6?

18 tokens under an hour and a half

Offline triple threat

TTO is waaaay better for tokens. Not to mention the MT you collect along the way.

No, it’s not.
As I said, I’ve played countless TTO board and it’s just too random.
On your first board you’ll get 15 tokens and then on the next one you won’t see a single one.

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