Fastest easiest way to upgrade team?

Devin is ruby
KG is sapphire
Tferg is sapphire

I have 8k MT too

Work the silver snipe filter buy now 2500
Don’t buy players on teams with high overall players

So don’t buy from say bucks or clippers for example?

Yes or Lakers or bucks or Mavs
Unless there 2k or less

What teams silvers go for a lot?

Every team expect the ones I listed

Ok sounds good. What’s the easiest way to accumulate MT and tokens?

Complete one east conference heat check and on West conference heat check to get 100 tokens
Also complete your first Eastern and Western conference in NBA 20 to get 80 tokens
Then play triple threat offline and run full court press and use all evos

I personally would say that, for someone starting out now and short on MT, that it’s better to not lock in MT at this stage of things to get Tokens. Not unless one is going to be opening a lot of packs and otherwise spending $ on getting/locking cards and gunning quickly to get up to GO level of Rewards.

I would advise not spending time to evolve CurrDom EVO reward cards. If you’re evolving EVO’s concentrate on ones that you can sell for MT and/or which can evolve to higher tiers and be more useful in gameplay.

Unless you are dead set on getting J-Rich, which I think is not worth the effort.

You already got Harris, KG, and Drexler. I’d also look at other EVOs like Marbury, Sprewell, and Kersey. Oh, and the free AM Dr. J you get from just one offline Moments game.

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I agree