Fast, tall players like Zhou Qi?

Anyone know of any other surprisingly agile cards that are tall?

Emerald Zhou is the kinda player I’m talking about. 7’1 and almost 80 speed/accel.

Bonus if he is low tier card.
Bonus if he can shoot 3s.

The first time you use go wilt and realize he’s the fastest card not named Giannis in the game lol

ruby thurl bailey.have u tried him yet?

KAJ and Mutombo.

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Thurl Bailey is a beast. 6’11 with a stroke, good defense, and good athleticism for cheap

Would highly recommend

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Yao. Deceptively Fast.

PD Wilt is 7’1" and has 85 speed and 80 accel.

There’s Giannis, Simmons, Dwight Howard, and Kareem for Fast 80+ Speed) and Tall (6’10"+). Also PD AD, PD Blake, PD Amar’e, DI Manning, DI Wilt, DI Thurmond, DI Shaq, PD Artis, DI Towns, PD Walton

But for fast, tall, can shoot, and cheap…RU Thurl like others have pointed out, AM Hedo, SA Bagley, AM Gugliotta, AM Towns, Rewards SA Jared Jeffries, AM Jaren Jackson, EM Chandler Parsons, John Collins…

Jianlian Yi is a 7-footer with 3pt plays and 71/68 Speed/Accel…

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PD Ralph is surprisingly quick for a 7’4" giant. I occasionally played him at PF and he could keep up with most.

the last word i’d use to describe yao is fast


Blazing??? lol

When we say 6,10 is tall…
Then both Rashard Lewis
And maybe Amy Tobias Harris as well.
Good options for sf Imho