Fast food tier list

Made this a while back

You guys got a lot of food joints


What is an “S” tier??

I’m pretty sure if I ranked those, my list would look way different.

The list is labeled from best to worst from the top down

Burger King, Wendy’s, SONIC, and Cinnabun over Mickey D’s??? No.

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How do you compare Krispy Kreme to five guys? That seems like way too different to compare.

Subway above Panera suspect as hell


Dunkin in F tier…must be from the West Coast. Anyone from the Northeast would have DD’s way higher. I mean America runs on Dunkin!!!

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KFC above Popeye’s? Can’t say I agree with that


Dunkin has some great drinks but their donuts flail in comparison to Krispy Kreme

Dunkin is 2k tier.

So it’s in the correct tier.

Bruh. In n Out is S tier +. El Pollo Loco is A at least.

You are a danger to society.

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I’ve never had both, If you look closely at the very bottom is a haven’t had tier

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Road trip!

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I can only speak for 5 guys in Germany (only like 3 or 4 joints), but it is no way shape or Form s tier.
I definitely prefer US wendys (we don’t have any) over GER 5 guys.

There is probably a Dönerbude in every Germans S tier list. We don’t have many franchises here. McD, kfc, bk, dd and that’s basically it.

Chipotle US is A tier for me, Chipotle GER (also only 4 or 5 locations) somehow doesn’t do it for me. I guess B Tier or even C.

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Dunkin is A tier, White Castle is C tier but on certain days can be B. Popeyes is S. Subway is B, Boston Market F. That’s my take on it :v:

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Dunkin is overrated, We had a white castle near our area, had it once and got pretty sick. KFC>Popeyes in my opinion and I’ve never had Boston Market

BK over McDonald’s is a crime against humanity, as is KFC over Popeyes.

Subway over Jimmy johns and jersey Mikes?

Yeah the KFC over Popeyes is criminal.