Farming mcgrady a good idea?

Farming them to sell Sunday. His price should go back up to about 150 right?

Whats his price now? Not sure because GO will be out pd george also sorta 100k cause of GO

They’re still on the board going over 100. I bought a few in the 90s

tmac and anthony davis should both rise. they are key pieces in sets and will be off the boards soon. make sure u buy at least one of each even then they are good value

Yea I bought 10, kind of regret it now.


that’s a lil too much :joy:


I know he will most likely get an Opal but damn hed look so good on my bench.

Isn’t he bin? Saw someone bid 200k on a tmac just now

Yea not as many bins as I thought, I might be ok lol

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just wait until sunday, no more can be added to myteam if they are off the boards. just rise in my opinion to 120k plus


Didn’t expect this

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when was this?


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check to see if there are any at BIN cause if not and he’s off boards, you are golden

I checked. No bins. Have 8 more.

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damn i was gonna stack to sell sunday but only bought 1

Bannnnnnkkkkk rollllllls

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but mine up to end tm, hopefully i can make a decent return

lemme know how much it ends at

I can’t believe he went for that much. Makes me feel better about spending 630 on kawhi