Fantasy Dom is legit impossible

Last game and bob cousy nails a half courter to win the game. How do I beat this?

Just close out of 2k app and never go back in Domination game


I didn’t have any problems with domination. What’s your lineup? I really don’t think I Loss any games


I was having trouble with dom back then when I was running mostly rubies with just the Amy rewards Marbury and Dirk.

I pulled Anni Magic and never looked bck, won ever game by at least 25.

Pick up magic, and just spam bump steals and steals in teh back court, you’ll shoot high percentages and get a lot of free points


Does the difficulty level ramp up significantly in fantasy dom? I’m only 57/99 stars but I haven’t had a tough game yet.

CPU is so bad at guarding transition 3s. Just get a good SG with limitless and pass the ball at halfcourt.



Zhou qi

I think if you run a high overall team it does some crazy stuff

It was though for a lot of us that did it in the very beginning

Emerald Mo Pete saved me so many times


Men i do this with ease with a budget team ,
Shoot limitless 3 s on inbound ,
Run plays ,
Always put a mistmatch on the floor and go the post

I made it through by basically posting up with Magic.

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Once GO Magic gets subbed out, always post up the backup point guard

I have no clue how you’re losinng with that squad, but try switching to Warriors Freelance since you have Magic at point guard or running 5 out if you have the appropriate playbook. Bucks, Pelicans.

Then just back down the opposing point guard with Magic Johnson and post spin off of him for easy basket each time. If they double team you then pass it to the open man for an open 3. So make sure you have bigs that can shoot.

Also try calling for screens with Clyde then shooting the 3 and attacking the rim sometimes as well.

You can literally post spin or post hook with Magic every play. Then just hit the open 3 when the double team comes. If they get smart and switch defenders on Magic then just abuse them with Clyde.

With the amoun of good card out fantasy dom easy…

Use less insane cards. Put in a bronze coach and one or two great shooters then rubies/sapphires/emeralds so you get less aids from the computer

5 bronze players at end of your bench, give them all the minutes on your lineup screen. Makes it much easier. When your OVR is 99 the cpu plays like it’s twice your OVR.

Lol trail 3s with ruby klay

This. Fantasy Dom and All Time dom got so much more manageable (and enjoyable) after I lowered my overall, because equalizer exists and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves or trolling.


I ddn’t remember domination became really hard lol

  1. Set minutes for bronze players on bench as mentioned above
  2. I ran pick n roll with my 2/3 on the wing. If the wing defender hedges to prevent you from hitting a 3, drive baseline into the big man and you should get to the free throw line.
  3. Run high pick n rolls near halfcourt with magic to drive. Or you can just slow dribble with magic until you get in the paint and shoot.

If u have this team and you cant finish fantasy dom… Im sorry this game might not be for you.

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