Fan Favorites 2! GOAT Kobe and Magic! Invincible Kawhi, Simmons and Porzingis

Goat kcp?

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GOAT magic is for sure

GOAT Magic

Yep GOAT Magic, better give him Exum or a better base

one more player to sit on the bench… Lebron is still going to start :)… at least until Giannis.

p.s. hope they also will release goat Kobe… magic will be cheaper :slight_smile: - and I will never buy Kobe again in 2k… until they fix player models.

Crossing my fingers for that. And how the hell did Jordan get a GOAT card before Caruso?

GOAT Magic


Wait till you see Base 98 on that boy


Only way he actually opens anyone’s eyes fr

Yeah…If they give Magic a top tier shot he enters into the best point guard convo…possibly number 1

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I wanna see all the Lebron cards on TTO and TT boards tbh

I don’t even really care about the cards that come out anymore :joy:

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Matt you late man

I didn’t get shocked when Magic got announced.
Most likely DM Inv Simmons then too

I realize that now. The other thread is predictions though, right? We might as well just make this THE thread

Needs a base change to be relevant unfortunately.

He does need a base change, and with this GOAT card, will likely get it. It’s what I predicted before and what I assume will be the case now

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Yeah…I actually hope the hype is down on him early on so I can get him at a good price. I got 1.6 mill now burning a hole in my pocket.

Also If we are getting 5 Goats do we think that means one per position?

unless they change the base it’ll just be slightly better usa magic