Fan Favorites 2! GOAT Kobe and Magic! Invincible Kawhi, Simmons and Porzingis

Something about the Olympics hopefully. We need invincible Manu

Can we get Opal Scola too? Lol

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They literally had a whole Team USA promo already


we should be getting hints either in around 2 hours/ hour and a half. maybe oop 294738 with Pf/Sg lebron? we haven’t got to many lebron cards so i think we could use another

I think Lebron’s done for now :sob:. I’d be shocked if they release another Lebron.

Yeah, could drop international players too


with how diverse the league is now we need more love to the international guys… besides the obvious Lukas, Giannis, Dirk, etc.

really wouldn’t mind a whole international set… it’s something different, unique, and would only draw positive feedback from the community.

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Opal Rubio pls

So the man is racist because he read a quote from a cavs scout on the scouting report? smh

Danny ferry is that you ??


lol yall believe anything huh :thinking:

Goat Kuzma incoming?


GOAT Kobe, Kareem, Magic confirmed?

Since there’s only 5 GOATs I bet they give Magic’s GOAT title to Giannis though for $$ :joy:

The last 3 goats ???

Definitely should be

i think it’s Kareem. biggest pack seller out of him, kobe, and magic i think. plus he hasn’t gotten a DM lakers card

We sure Kobe not the biggest. His card still worth like a mil and it’s been 3 months

his price has more to do with rarity than hype. yes he’s a big name, and his name is way bigger than kareems irl, but kareem in general will sell more packs.

i mean i could be wrong but i’m about 75% sure kareem sells more packs than kobe.

Either GOAT Kobe or Magic, or both

I think they drop GOAT Kareem, Kobe and Magic all at once tomorrow. Along with Invincible PG Giannis.

Market finna break tomorrow.

Damn. There goes My hope for international cards