Fan Favorites 2! GOAT Kobe and Magic! Invincible Kawhi, Simmons and Porzingis

Next packs? Finals packs? What y’all thinking?

Goat Giannis & Frobe :cold_face:

Fans favorites2.0 with Invincible Ben Simmons and one more Giannis

invinsible kawhi ben simmons joel embid
goat kobe giannis and kareem
then next next friday will be super packs of goats/invincibles


Kareem and Giannis GOAT cards

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Can we get finals mvp packs with no lebron :woozy_face:

Fan favourites with dm/invi Danny Ferry. Not a prediction, just a wishful thinking.

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i get that the danny ferry comment is 2k related but no way should 2k give the racist a dm

I understand what u mean. I’m also not a fan of meme / controversial cards but it is what it is in 2k

It doesnt have to be Ferry though, just a 6’10++ player with base 98 on vq

Probs Giannis forsure reem? Lowkey hoping its a fan favorite and we also get a dm manute for cheap

Single GOAT prob Giannis due to the finals. Final week will have the 2 final GOATs to “go out with a bang”

Give us international 2 to tie in with the start of the Olympics. Can do goat Giannis, Invincible Ben and please please please a Patty Mills.

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Invincibol senior at point guard with updated dribble sigs or we riot. The game is broken. No turning back now.


We won’t get LeBron card, we will get LeBron CARDS :rofl:


Invincible Kawhi?

My Prediction: Fan Favorites 2

GOAT Kareem
GOAT Giannis (PG/PF)
Inv Manute
Inv Kawhi
Inv Ben Simmons
Inv Dino Radja (Lock-In)
DM Ferry
DM Malik Sealy
DM Batum (SF/SG)
DM Jamal Crawford


No more Opals. All DM set

Possibility we get a Beyond Level 40 card tomorrow?

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I don’t think we get all of that tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll see at least 3 or 4 of those for sure. Simmons feels like a no-brainer. Kind of hard to imagine not getting that GOAT Giannis tomorrow too. DM Ferry though… that card will be a terror lol


If this becomes reality (99% unlikely obviously)… might be the first set all year where I am a fan of every single card in the set lol