Fan Favorite Opal Zion coming tomoro calling it any thoughts?

I feel like everyone is asking for him and he’s still a rookie so doesn’t make sense to make a prime card of him so I see a PG/SF coming tomoro

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No we need something better than that


GO Muggsy or I riot




Or it’s:

giphy (7)


@trala7 GO Dame would be great

I like Zion irl but c’mon were looking for glitched KD, GOAT LBJ, or something else like that.


I can’t be the only one who thinks the game is dragging at this point. Slow dripping content and it’s almost July.

Wtf is going at 2k lol

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Glitched mur PG


It’s been dragging for a while. I’ve been out of MyTeam for a month plus now. It ain’t the move anymore imo

2K just needs to release the big cards and be done with it

Yea for sure. They need to do a few big drops and call it a year.


I want Glitched KD. That mock up art made me really want a Golden State KD card.

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Lebrons OPAL is as good of a card as any and basically 99 everything. KDs opal is also great. So they both get another opal, but no Zion or Lillard yet? As a Pels fan I can tell you we don’t have much on myteam and a lot of us have been waiting for Zion months while players like Bol Bol, Tacko and Caruso got opals long ago.

That’s not how 2K works

A glitched KD is something we don’t need…


I’m saying. I’d throw him at Point with the quickness.

I know how 2k works, they want money. Zion prints money. Damn sure would have people opening packs more than Bol bol , MPJ, Caruso, etc.

If kd drops il probably pick him up too , move oop bron to bench. be a good scoring / Rim running duo tho

Lbj and KD print more money

Zion, bol bol, caruso and mpj all not opal worthy lol

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