Just played some Unlimited Matches and some guys went 100 % with fadeaways far behind the 3pt line. What kind of glitch is that?

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I played someone who did that to me. He had Amy Kobe and the first one he made was a moving wing 3 and he made it, wasn’t mad because it was pretty open.

He did another one and it was 60% contested, SWISH :cry:

Houston went like 10-10 - wtf

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If you think it’s bad In myteam try a park game it’s what everyone does lmao it so annoying

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Bro just playing MT atm

According to Mike Wang, this won’t be fixed until patch 3. Fades and leaners are too easy right now


Yeah it’s crazy, I get mid ranges when GOOD cards with GOOD mid range ratings are doing it… but when it’s from the 3 point line ? It’s a bit different