Facilitating Finisher

Just got my original build (second build is a 2 way finishing SG, and I love it) to around 84-85 and took him to the Rec center, and felt like I made the worst build possible for a SG lol. Anyone with a similar build with any tips on badges or a solid jump shot?

i have one and hes a beaast ima drop a post on him most likely this weekend hes a god

i put silver quick draw and jumpshot 38 turn the meter off and its cash all game

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So I have an offensive threat at the SG and I’m guessing the difference between our builds is you went shoot/play and I went shoot/slash. I don’t think your build is bad at all though. It requires shooting badges and getting used to your shot heavily. I’ve been really liking Trey Burke’s shot no changes. I would avoid attacking the rim too much, and focus more on being a catch and shoot type player that can decide whether or not the pass you get is a good look and if it isn’t you just keep moving it. On defense it’s gonna be dependent on how many badges you get but pick dodger is the solo badge I use as I get no more. For shooting badges your gonna want C&S, hot zone hunter, whatever level of QuickDraw you’re comfortable at and then maybe deadeye but at that point variation will make it more for what you know you do. For playmaking I highly recommend stop and go because you’ll be able to bust out on the fast break a lot and this will help you stop and pull fastbreak 3s. Other than that depends how much you wanna dribble obviously everyone loves quick first step, handles for days and unpluckable as well.


I think that’s been my issue, I don’t have enough shooting badges yet (I’ve been using my main MyPlayer for VC and just dumping that VC into this build), and I’ve been bricking everything lately after changing my jump shot. I’ll give 38 a try though.

I appreciate the breakdown on badges, grinding them has been a pain in the ass but it’s apart of the process. Here’s my build so far

Not sure why the Xbox iOS app is so shitty for me, it always crops out the top. But I have him at 6’5, 207 pounds.

14 finishing badges, 15 shooting badges, 17 playmaking badges, and 3 defensive ones for me. Im definitely gonna go gold pick dodger after running the rec a few times, those screens are awful.

The 3 d badges I recommend when you only get a few are pick dodger, interceptor and intimidatior. You actually have better dunk than I expected so once you fill up some slashing badges you should be good there too.


I feel like positioning can make up for clamps and I guess you could say the same about interceptor but the added animations on passing lanes steals I think would relieve more frustration than getting a little more bumpy with clamps. Especially at the 2 where you aren’t necessarily guarding the primarily ball handler but are more likely to be chasing a c&s type.

i have 9 badges so ima see what bronze interceptor

I think I was looking at a thread where someone asked about badges that were good on just bronze and that was one repeated a lot, I don’t personally have experience with it as I just use pick dodger as the only one I get