Face scans (myteam)

Face scans (myteam)

Ok, 2k did a good job of improving a lot of the players and they look more realistic than before. Example of this to me is scottie pippen looks way better, stackhouse looks better. But here’s my issue with the facescans and I problably just lack knowledge on what it takes to make the facescans work but every year there is 5 or 6 players I face in domination or challenges where they look 20 times more life like than the my team card player! WTF. The other year it was duncan. Dude had the beard and all and I’m wondering why we are paying for a default face duncan card. Stackhouse looks better but im playing him in the challenge and he looks way more detailed and realistic. Dont understand.

go play check out stackhouse vs the card we got its night and day

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