Fab v. Jada tonight! Who you got?

For my late 90s -until hip hop heads, who you guys got in tonight’s Verzuz battle? As a NYer this is a tough one but Jada has always been one of my faves


I rock with fab but imma go with jada. That Freddy vs Jason tape they put out a couple years ago was hard

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Jada for sure. Top 5 dead or alive

My guy is one of the purest lyricists ever with a crazy flow


Jada the better rapper I feel like Fab might win. He has more hits imo

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Jada no doubt

When I was younger I really like Fab, but kiss winning this hands down

Off hits? I’m no old head but Fab definitely got more hits than Jadakiss lol

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For these 2, I need a 30-30 verzuz…20 hits each ain’t enough especially when Jada can pull from his Lox compilations and Fab’s mixtape bag

Is it JUST Jada? Or does the stuff he did with the Lox count too?

Bruh gonna pull that Mariah Carey Honey feature out lmao

How does this work? Is it like a battle with new verses? Because Fab def has the better style for battle rap.

Jada is a writers writer but Fab been a top puncher since he started

No it’s the Instagram live versus where they play 20 or 30 hits back and forth

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Also feature verses count. Doesn’t need to be their own record. They both have a lot of big features

When the times right
Ima put this 9 right
To the left side of ya head, push ya mind right

I remember my 11 year old self like :exploding_head:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: on god

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This fab verse is crazy I hope he plays it

“I pop up like Xzibit given I’m at your crib it’s not to put no fuckin fish tank in your civic” :eyes::fire:

Jadakiss is a top level MC. Made some business decisions that held him back imo

Fab always fitted that’s fasho. His bars always decent


Fab probably winning the popularity contest but Jadakiss might surprise

Always felt Big Sean was like Fabo. Monotone but got some creative bars that can go over your head

And Jadakiss is one of the most underappreciated like Royce Da 5’9’’

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When jada play ‘knock yaself out’…

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Great Verzuz tho, been my favorite so far