PD LOPEZ coming soon
90 3pt
all HOF shooting badges
= GG


not to sure about pd, but since it’s 2k, it will come

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@Shoko this will be a great SG

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I was waiting for a op Brook Lopez for so long… but they will release him when im banned :man_facepalming:


I’m thinking more Amy or Diamond

PD Brook Lopez?

Fuck it make it Opal with 19 HOF badges


Good Lord I need a new SG :smile:

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That card is going to be so cheesy!!


I’m pretty sure his emerald had a 95 three ball. This one will be at least that


Probably something more like this


true damn 95 across all 3pts
probably 10 HOF badges all shooting HOF
2k might give him Base 11 too haha


how many pts did this trash can drop?

@Shoko is at full mast thinking of his new SG

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Ecf so I think he gets a diamond was a big performance


Damn rip to Hakeem purchasers


You are banned because of me. I messaged Ronnie myself, and shown him what kind of cheeser you are. :wink:




But being cheesier is not illegal. infact, it is a service for the community


are you sure?



You agree not to, and not to provide guidance or instruction to any other individual or entity on how to:

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I’m not going to read it all… tell me where it is written

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3rd dot from the bottom :slight_smile: