F**k this game

11-0. Third run. 10-0 previously two times. Who do I get matched up with? None other than the super cheesedick, himself… Send0 XXL. Same guy that ruined my last run.

Full court press, extend pressure, off ball city, clear path fouls (not called, of course), fluke ass tips and steals, nothing but Klay and Granger contested threes dropping for days, or smothered post shots that somehow go in.

Just lovely that I get matched up with this piece of shit at the perfect time. Fucking unreal.

If you’re on these forums, kid, just know that you’re in the shit stain Hall of Fame.

End of rant.


He will sell his team if he’s smart and stop playing later when he’s 11-0. Chill and try again later

Have a Snickers. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.


Amazing contribution… fuck you, and anyone that looks like you, too.

thats kinda harsh


Damn straight it is.

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Please dont tell me youre mad over a chocolate bar lol

Nah, just a broken ass game.

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There’s nothing to contribute here beside suggesting you to change your play hours honestly and someone making a joke and trying to distract you, it’s not a bad thing :slight_smile:

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Its sad but you just have to accept it I guess

In before :closed_lock_with_key: like:


Lol nobodys arguing, put the popcorn away


Sorry man that is the WORST

Keep at it you’ll crush it. Hakeem is worth it.

Good luck man

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You should’ve asked for the dub. Just say he already beat you, nothing else to prove or whatever.

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Ahh, fuck it. It’s obvious the kid lives to ruin everyone else’s fun. To run that shit every game… unreal. I honesty have no idea what he does to his settings. I couldn’t even call a pick. His defenders literally just bump the fuck out of you every time you even try to move or go around a screen. Fuckin trash.

Of course he runs a seven or eight man rotation, too. His players splashing from the logo with Gatorade symbols.

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Let us ‘beat it’ first lol


What, you think you’re “bad”? :joy:

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Rise up man, you’re a solid player and 12-0 is no problem

Settings: Extend pressure for all your ball handlers, tight/deny ball. That’s it.

Use 2 solid playmakers in these situations. I go with Magic + Hill mostly. Hill as SG does wonders in these situations.
Also change your passing settings to custom, to avoid long passes. Increase openness.

This rant is exactly why I don’t challenge myself in this game. I would rather get my ass kicked in ninja gaiden or gow on super hard difficulty and know it is fair.

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