F again to position locks

Unlimited just got more aids. Another thing 2k will have to patch


I’m at work can you tell me the main point

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New pos glitch?

Will 2K ban ppl for doing this? have they done that before?

Doesn’t 2K do this on its own. Like if you run Amy Magic and a bigger C/PF it tossed Magic into the PF spot automatically.

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Mine never did this fyi, everyone else said it worked

Yah but he is saying you could run magic at pg Lol

Does this for unseld.

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It works. I got DI Lebron at the 5 right now. Muresan come guard me.


It the new poistion glitch.

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Last time they patch it and didn’t ban no one

So far can’t grease magic at one lol. It always puts in the sg/pg from my starters lol

I just seen this vid cause im subscribed to young simba…if carlo or nobody else posted it i dam sure was

So basically we all need to make a new lineup with a giannis type player at pg and fillers incase they patch it

I just want dia j cross at pg

Nah. U can’t get someone at pg. I haven’t been able to get it to work.

Well figure it out then, you know for Science. :upside_down_face:

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I think only a sg can play the 1. I got pg13 to go to point guard and diamond Crawford. It seems like one up one down. So a sf/pf can go to center. A sg/sf can go to pg or pf etc… i think

The game put my starter SG that had pg/SG in the game as my bench pg too

I guess they thought Dale had the best handles :sweat_smile:

this isn’t exactly new. I accidentally discovered this glitch myself about a month ago. I see it hasn’t ruined the game so far