Extend pressure problem MTU Xbox One

Wassup boys, today I played MTU for the first time in a while and I’m having a problem with setting extend pressure it’s like the the settings don’t work or sumn. Like for example I usually extend pressure on the opponents Sg since ppl like to just inbound and turbo pass the ball down to their SG for the 3. Any body else having this problem ? My defender is just sitting in the paint rather than guarding up even when I switch to full court press the players don’t execute it. It hasn’t cost me any games it’s just annoying as hell having to manually guard that dumb shit. I played on PS4 today for the ruby tourney but that was pwf maybe this is just a MTU problem? Can some one test it out for me and see if it’s just me.

Also what the hell happened to ppl quitting legit no one quit today and I was up by atleast 25 on avg on the games I played like wtf man just quit before this everyone use to quit by the second now nah


It’s worse on PS4. Nobody fuckin quits.

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I haven’t tried the press but yes even on PS4 extend pressure is kinda glitched.

I set it on every PG and sometimes they dont even bother to pick them up. Sometimes they do its bizarre. I didnt notice it until today fwiw.

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It has never happened to me tho idk what it is man it’s annoying as fuck

Ima stream a game later and show you guys what I mean

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That setting has been broke all year on Xbox.

I stopped using it after the first month of 2K19.

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Did you turn off Adaptive Coaching Engine?

Nah Bruh it hasn’t I been using it all year

Yea my adaptive was off and the game wouldn’t switch all I turned it on it fixed that problem but not the extend pressure problem

Yeah I assumed that extend pressure was broken all year too. Never worked for me. I’ve been using half/full court press pretty much all year because of this

I also experienced this and eventually just gave up and now do halfcourt press.

Feel like it broke a month or so ago for me (PC).

Yea that’s the thing bro half court full wasn’t working either

Seems to be working now @cheddarbob I got a crazy conspiracy why it wasn’t I’ll tell after this game

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I know exactly what’s your problem. I had the same problem this fixed it for me. Press pause. Scroll down, click defensive settings. Scroll down. Press rb. Then click extend pressure on the player you want to be guarded up close.

I have to do half court press to keep the trailing 3 cheese from killing me. That shit gets exploited after awhile, especially if the guy knows his dribble moves.

Defenders randomly sitting in the paint/under the basket is a new EQ tool.

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aye man i dont believe in eq but bruh sumn was def off today ONLY when i played against teams lesser than mine. Im boutta explain… literally i might sound crazy

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Someone did extend pressure on me in a MTU match. I go to set extend pressure on a particular player and it never registered.

Please share the theory.

In regards to quitting:

Dudes in MTU are staying in a game no matter what but are quitting in the blink of an eye in the Multiplayer Challenges. I don’t know if they think there’s less penalty involved there or what

Been happening to me constantly the minute I get any sort of a lead.

I have to manually switch between all my defenders and force them over the 3 point line.

If I don’t pay attention they get an easy wide open look as soon as they cross half court.

Doesn’t matter if half court press is on or not.

Another good one is my players not contesting shots when I’m on balling with the right stick. I move the stick up and nothing happens.

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@cheddarbob @Brooklyn Alright guys here it is call me crazy if you want to i might actually be insane

But i noticed out of the 8 games ive played together only 2 allowed me to execute half court press.

The other 6 the players would NOT respond man i mean at all they would just sit in the paint each time. Even when i stepped up to half then switch to the opponents sg (i had to guard the pg sprinting up the court and the sg receiving the pass).

This is what those 6 games had in common

  • Each team had no opals , they were a mix of ONLY diamonds and amys with maybe 1 pd
  • Each team ran the same defense 3-2 zone
  • Each team did the same EXACT thing on off pass in to the PG and Pass to the SG for the open 3
  • Each team i lie to you not had Albuquerque as their team city name
  • Each team had a diamond SF at the PG position

For the teams i was allowed to run half court against had these things in common

  • Had team similar to me
  • Played like normal trash ass MTU players (pnr/pnf)

My Theory

Idk if they were bots or what man but i really wish i could’ve stream it was so weird this is the closest to “Equalizer” ive ever seen. Like this has never happened to me i find it no coincidence that the games i played were i couldn’t run half court press are the same games where my opponent main scoring option was throwing it in then passes to the SG.

Again man call me crazy lol but this is the weirdest shit i ever encoutered.

Illuminati Confirmed 2K on some fuck shit!