Expensive badges, jerseys, etc

so I see people saying that limitless range badges go for good mt. I wish I would have known seeing as how I’ve been quickselling these things lol. is there anything else I’m missing out on? like other badges, jerseys, playbooks, rare players? I know someone said the historic sapphires go for good mt? tips anyone lol



Heat playbook go for 3k

Magic playbook goes for 8-10K+ MT

Dimer, deep range deadeye, defensive stopper, Catch and Shoot, corner specialist, and rim protector all go for a lot.

yup… I’m a genius.

what’s a good price to start them at? I see some for 5k 4k etc. i figure 4 hours at 1k starting bid will do?

I’m impatient and usually do buy now. I usually just undercut the cheapest ones, or buy all the cheapest ones out, and set a new, higher, baseline price. Depends on how I’m feeling/amount of MT I have.

If you don’t want to think, then put it up for auction like you describe. Otherwise, price it to be around the cheapest, depending on how impatient vs. greedy you are.

when it comes to selling I’m patient. buying not so much I’ll give a couple refreshes then buy. i.guess I’ll go.with the 1000 to start and see what happens.

anyone have advice on rare cards like the historic sapphires or maybe jerseys?

If you’re trying to make MT just set your buy now price like 500 to 1k difference if you trying to make a quick buck

The part about quickselling limitless hurts my soul

:joy::joy::joy::joy: me too bro me too

It’s mind boggling. If you’re quick-selling them, then that means you have 20 in your inventory…and you’re probably not even applying them. So I’m assuming that @Philanthropy is generally maybe not even adding badges to players…but quick-selling them.

My soul… my soul hurts…

no, I’ve been adding them to all.my guys but they gave built up. I’ve got like 10 limitless and catch and shoots up right now. I jumped of to let my little man play. and apparently he knew they went for good mt too lol. little turd “forgot” to tell me smh.

lol again i haven’t played this mode forever. won’t make the same mistake twice haha

Easily for 4K in general. I have, on occasion, sold them for around 8,000. That’s pretty rare, but quickselling 4K assets…this is why we’re just dumbfounded.

lol I know trust me. I’m coming over from mut where I’m a whale. so I get it trust me. I got burned out on MUT this has been fresh and I’m enjoying myself so far. it’s just learning the ins and outs now. what goes for what, rare cards etc.

You on xbox or ps4 and what u put the limitless up for? Gotta ask

Yeah, don’t mean to beat up on you about it. It’s just a game, after all.

If you want to, you just have to learn prices the way you know how in MUT. If you care that much. It’s tedious.

But here’s another tip: I’m quite sure that, if you’re not in a huge rush to rip packs quickly, you can apply Badges and Shoes to players from the discard menu as an alternate to quick selling them.