Does anybody else play these kind of fantasy-team game modes due to being able to assemble a roster containing some sort of exclusive cards?

Much of the appeal which I have had with MyTeam throughout the years is that you could run a lineup which isn’t very similar to many other lineups which you would face online. This year, it seems that the best cards are not exclusive or rare, and that they have been flowing out of the woodwork and just have taken the AH by storm.

Every other team online has a mixture of PD Giannis, PD TMac, PD Penny, or PD Baron with the same 98 overall diamonds filling out the rest of their rosters.

How is this fun? The only thing which has me playing 2K18 MT still is that I have 97 PG13, 98 Webber, other rewards, but mainly because I have PD MJ – all pretty exclusive and rare cards when compared to the current wave of PD’s being released.

Nearly all of the appeal in playing such a game mode has been lost, and I do not think 2K can revert back to its 13/14 MT days unless micro-transactions/loot boxes were to be banned in the U.S.


Its sucks to be a whale who spends loads of cash in game to have best cards available regardles of price.

Good to budget players and regulars.


Meh the best way for them to achieve this would be to actually make the supermax reward cards highly coveted. They took a step in the right direction with PD Porzingis, but they released so many better cards that he is rarely used even by people that own him. Same goes for every other supermax reward this year

Thing is that highly desired card means alot of packs

That’s the problem with the 2k community, no offense but people want high pack odds and always criticized 2k about it but argue about exclusivity when the pack odds are raised, to the point to where everyone is pulling PD’s and Diamonds… It shouldn’t matter or drive you away just because of what someone else has just enjoy the game as much as possible


Well, hard to enjoy the game when you face the same exact team 5 times in a row, with the only difference being that their PSN usernames are different.

Then whats the solution lmao, lower pack odds and hear the screams of spenders or provide more card variation which results In weakening the skills of cards that are PD and D which are supposed to be offensive and defensive weapons

Here is an idea I had that might make things more interesting…

I think the problem is that the cap is bullshit. It should have stopped at maybe 8000. And all new cards released should start at max cap and be lowered if not many people use it instead of the other way around. Pink Diamonds should be 1500 instead of 1200. This would force people to switch it up and build teams using other tiers.


I just posted his in another thread but this applies here too

nothing is sacred in this mode any more. Like before if you went online and saw someone with a PD you knew you were in for some serious shit. Now everyone and their mother has a PD going for like 40k.

It couldn’t be anymore obvious this is their last ditch effort to draw people back because after this they have nothing to fall back on, unless they start giving out those free 10-20k redeemables when you sign in like they’d give you the odd time in like 2k15

It wouldn’t surprise me if they do end up banning loot boxes in the us tho. It’s already in the works in Europe and as of about 5am this morning it was announced that “gaming disorder” is actually going to be recognized as a mental health issue by CNN. Which is really a huge over reaction but none the less it’s a slippery slope

nah because then if people paid and pulled a bunch of cards people would argue that they aren’t able to use all the cards they paid for and say 2k is a fraud, this all happened during the Decemberish cycle of the game

Ok but if they lower pack odds now everyone says 2ks money hungry and are scammers you cant have it both ways

They can make multiple game modes. Supermax is just one mode. Make more mores for people to play online. That should fix a lot of issues. I would love a mode where you were limited to the cards you can run with a real cap. It would add more strategy to team building and not everyone with all diamonds and pds. They can add 5 new modes etc.

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They wouldn’t be lowering pack odds, they would be obligated to release the pack odds and have every last detail about the pack stated somewhere like how when you buy a real pack of sports cards all of the details are on the back.

That would be the generous solution, if all loot boxes are banned then that’s it for packs too

I also genuinely believe a theory that 2k refuses to put time and updates into this game because they are actually not doing very good money wise and if we’re not going to beat around the bush here, could be losing a lot of money even considering the records they’ve broken

How does that relate to exclusivity tho lol

True but knowing 2k that’s unlikely

Lol idk you took it there, I’m just answering your response

True, the solution is to just expand the game mode offerings. It’s ridiculous that we get a single online game mode, and that trash that is pack and play. They HAVE to add some innovation to the game modes next year.

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Exclusive cards should be unlocked through gameplay. For example… Grab 10,000 rebounds and unlock Rodman. After 10,000 assist you unlock Stockton. 5,000 dunks unlock Jason Richardson. Things like that. People should be rewarded for actually playing the game instead of just wins and loses. Make 10,000 3s unlock Klay. These cards would end up being pretty exclusive for the people who put the time into playing.


That’s literally it tho, nothing is sacred in this mode anymore because they are running out of things to keep people interested so they have to dig deeper into their bag