Exchange question?

since pd are as low as 10k now, had a question about taking one to redeem a hof badge. are those hof badges auctionable or no?

Only indirectly. You cannot sell them outright but you can put them on a player who would then sell for more.

I Tried this morning and the exchange wasn’t there not sure if they took it away or what

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i will add that all of my exchange badges have been mid-useless. limitless takeoff, volume shooter, special delivery, etc. none of the elite ones that really raise a cards value in the ah

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yeah, I noticed that. It usually resets every 24 hours I think it is. Definitely not there for me and it’s been longer than 24 hours.

got it, thanks

good idea to buy a few PDs for 10below for the exchange badge.

Yes. The cheapest HOF badge exchange there is.

Mine resets every week for whatever reason, and i agree, they’ve all been borderline useless badges.

for some reason, I thought it was a one-off thing

good that it isn’t, especially now that PDs are below 10k (and they will soon be around 5k)

I have noted that, regardless of the quality of the badges, if you put 8-10+ on popular players they tend to net at least 40k per badge

I added 8 random badges on Terry and he went for 973k at a time when naked Terry would go for 450-550k; same a few weeks ago with GO MJ, 10 additional random badges and he went for 780k when the naked one was going for 250-300k

same last year

I’m only getting special deliveries and dream shakes from it. Can’t remember what else I’ve had from them. I’ve done 1 diamond and 1 PD exchange and I think 3 amethyst exchanges.

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Oddly enough, those are the 2 main ones i also get. Cooincidence? unlikely… lol

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Did another PD exchange yesterday, got bully. Maybe there’s hope.

Mine finally reset. Got Bail Out. Was a new one. I’ll take it.

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Just got my first one, Guard Up. Ok I guess.

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I got Post Lockdown - meh right?

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Not the greatest but if you didn’t have it, could be useful.

Thanks :muscle: Does Kemp have it? Wont get him until tomorrow

he has it on Gold, but can’t be upgraded unfortunately: NBA 2K23 | 2KDB Galaxy Opal Shawn Kemp (97) Complete Stats

Did 2 and got HoF fearless finisher, and HoF hyperdrive… 2k is listening lol

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