Ewing vs Wilt

Having a hard time deciding. Pretty much speed vs shooting.

Wilt plus Barry duo do it

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wilt. trust me

I love wilt so much contemplating moving PD Towns to bench and starting him, but can’t justify starting Barry also over KD. Wilt is averaging 9 boards 4 blocks playing 9 minutes a game for me. Can’t ask for more

Would you even consider selling PD KAT to get Wilt , and save some MT? I have KAT as my 5 , PD AD as my 4. And PD Tim Duncan as my bench 4 and D Joel Embid as my bench 5.

I love ewing with 3 pt shoe. Starks is pg with him of the bench. Starks with defensive shoe.

Wilt vs Hakeem that is the only comparison.

I don’t have a good bench 5 at this point or else I would totally consider it. I cannot afford KAJ and did not/can’t afford to lock in Hakeem. Option is to downgrade to a diamond KAT but he’s still going for 60-70k, so not saving much downgrading after auction fees selling off the PD. KAT is decent but not great. He just doesn’t wow me like wilt. I actually look forward to playing with him and running down the court with him in fast breaks or getting a chase down block.

I got my wilt for 40k and got a Barry for 10k. I might dump Barry as I am not shooting that many 3s with him as I thought I would. I have noticed that PD Kat prices bas been dropping so might be prime time to sell now.

Kareem does everything wilt does but better and with shooting, wilt has better animations though

I cant afford Kareem, wish I could.