Ewing better than Oden and Kareem?

So I’m looking for a backup or maybe starter over Hakeem. Do you guys think he’s worth copping over the guys mentioned above?

Not in my experience, no. Oden is a savage.

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I’ve used both a bunch.

Oden is a better rim runner and has a slightly quicker release. Ewing has a better player model, and vastly superior post moves. If you like to finesse in the post go Ewing if you use your centers more as 3 and D go Oden. Both are better than Hakeem (unfortunately)

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I really hate Ewings release, apart from that he looks twice as thicc as Oden out there, and really good on defense.

Kareem is godlike though IMO, if you dont need your C to shoot. Im referring to the Limited.

I’ve got a hunch we are going to be getting a Kareem that can bang with the best of them either as an opal reward or throwback playoff moments

Oden is better. Worst 150 tokens I ever spent (Ewing).

Yeah, but one is “free”, and the other is like 30k. Kareem is 200-300k.