Evolved Rose

Defintely didn’t want to part with him after that 300 threes and 150 steals, but hopefully get good sale and MT. Buy back cheap for my Bulls Theme Team


What it going for on the AH?

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No idea. Not many up and only other one’s still starting bid 100k. Wait and see I guess…

Did you at least play a game with him?

And hopefully not 100k, lol

Nope not evolved. I’ll pick him back up again later when mine hopefully sells. Took me about 3 days spread out to do it. Not too bad. This was a good game on Dwight 30 rebound challenge. Usually about 5 plus steals on Suns Week 2 Weekly challenge. Rookie 3 minute quarters. Easy and don’t have to worry if something comes up with kids, power outage etc without worrying about longer progresses.

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Did you run Doc Rivers for the steals? I tried him out working on Lance Stephenson and thought I noticed a decent difference but maybe it was more placebo effect haha

Congrats!! I’m working on mine on the Bird Challenges. I’ma keep em tho. Best Rose we will get, and I like running theme teams

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…only got 110k for him. Oh well. Think I picked him up for 45k or so. Now just trying to get a Opal Magic Campus Legend

is my starting point guard, and in TTO too and he is a beast.

i evolved him thinking to sell, but i was very pleased with his movements, shooting and dribbling.

is a keep for me

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