Evod opal JR Smith

If someone has an evod jr smith in their lineup they maybe don’t need or use that much we can discuss a fair price for him to sell since I couldn’t find one for bin on the ah

I don’t have him evo, but packed like 3 of them from the new packs. Never used the opal, but had the older diamond rewards from early in the year. This opal is fantastic. Much better dribbling and decent on defense. If it wasn’t so late in the year. I would’ve Evo him myself.


I did the whole evo for JR a while back. Probably my favorite card in the game. The pro 2 size up feels really nice with his shot. He finishes like a beast too…

I think I was at .785 three point percentage with him in a shitload of games TTO and MTU only…ran him at point too so they weren’t set shots. Opal Derozan is the only other card I’ve used with a sky high 3pt percentage, but he was taking more set shots for me.

His defense is pretty solid too…didn’t take long at all to hit the century mark in blocks. Took an eternity for the college Melo to hit 100 blocks.

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Yeah I know, I loved using him and he was my starting pg when he was around 200k. Amazing card and really want his evod version

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Yeah If he had only steals in the evo I’d do it myself but at this point it’s too late

Again please guys if anyone has him evod just pm me

Too bad you didn’t post a couple days ago when I quit. I would have given him to you for free.

You on xbox?

I am, but I sold off my team and opened packs with the MT for fun. Didn’t feel like going through the hassle of selling. Opened all goat packs with like 1.2 million and however much the quicksells were to open more until I was dry. ZERO non quick sell value goats pulled😂

This makes me feel better because I’m on ps4… I just might go crazy and bid over 100k for an evod one

Im on Xbox, so this won’t hurt when you read it. I got an evolved JR for 34k last night. I was searching for one in the 60s, so I was shocked to see the star on it. I grabbed it and sold my un-evolved version for 32k, so that was well worth the upgrade price LOL.

I’d go to like 80-90k for him but that’s a nice pick up

I meant to ask you, did you manage to get the 750 tokens and get opal Bamba? I know you were lamenting that he dropped after you liquidated tokens.

Actually I didn’t bro… when the code for 750 tokens dropped I was like 1k+ tokens away from the opal board so I wasn’t mad anyway, loved to have him but what can we do

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Can anyone check is there any evod ones on the AH on ps4?

Saw one for 87 k


Damn I want it later, I can’t login now :frowning:

Got him with PG4s and contract, mods can close