Evo Terrell Brandon incoming

Evo Terrell Brandon incoming

Really been starved for undersized evo point guards


He can dunk tho


Waiting for the 200 rebound evo requirement


In the collection it shows as a new reward.
Unlimited reward, and he’s the only card?!

Kind of strange as all the unlimited rewards were already in the collection

I hope this is what I think it is

They will have a mid way point, if u can win atleast 6 games u get this card, idk but I’m thinking this will probably be it or something similar to it

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I like that idea. I’d much rather odd cards along the way (a la spotlight) then shitty standard packs that very rarely have a good card in them


Triple Threat Online card?

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That’s my guess, just like Frye

insert 100 game requirement to reach amythest


TTOff will get those games up

i hate ttooff

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It’s quite boring but great for EVOing and rewards along the way

Gonna have to be a “No” for me, dawg.

Darrell Armstrong still my man for 6-foot-and-under EVO PG’s. He’s still not in final form.

And if I want to “go tall,” but EVO, at PG, I also have Ward, Marbury, and Kenny Smith, the latter two also not fully evolved.


Goggle his height and see he 5’11


I sold my amy Darrell and decided to restart with a cheap saph I grabbed. I am regretting my decision

I’m much the same though with my evo list growing a bit too quickly for my liking. I’ll still take this guy for collector level if he’s a freebie, but he’ll be low on the evo priority list. I still gotta do IT who is gonna take foreverrr

Marbury is up there best PG in game once evolved. Definitely recommend

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His dribbling is quite nice. I find it pretty easy to beat CPU defenders with him 1-on-1. Not usually my thing but dribbling controls being different makes it a fun diversion now and then. I’m somewhat eager to see how he handles with his final evo, which I think gets him HoF Quick First Step.

HoF quick 1st step on Marbury is like activating a cheat code. Hesi into a drive is points everytime.

Yeah, it’s his hesi I’m having fun with…when I get timing right, hesi to cross or hesi to hesi side drive, is just instant blowby…as a Ruby. And I’ve occasionally been able to do nifty shit with hesi to behind the back, including sometimes triggering that whole “run backwards” thing.

I’m about 100 points off evo to AM right now. Gonna get that done right after finishing Game 17 of SL Drexler.

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He is definitely worth the evo imo. I was going to keep him but Francis is free so I’ll roll with him and bank the MT.

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