Evo stats carry?

At the beginning of the game it was carrying. Then they patched. But if I m not wrong they change it back to stats carry after a while.

Anyone know for sure ?

(what I mean by carrying : I have opal simmons at 156 3pt made. If I list him does he keep progress for who bought it ?)

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They should sense it’s part of that card. But you know…2k

i wasnt aware they changed it back tho? im assuming it still doesnt carry. probably could get a good answer given people are buying some bens, potentially already halfway done before they gave up and bought evo-ed ones

It 100% does not carry over Evo stats

The only way they “carry” is if you sell a card before you finish an Evo and buy it back. I’m almost certain you keep progress in that case. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

You can send to the auction house, but you can’t put them on auction

So once you put them on auction, your Evo stats clear as well?

I m not sure. we need the man the myth @HarryLundt to brighten us.

If the card goes unsold i think they stay. But when someone else buys it they get wiped