Evo Jalen Rose

I’ve been evoing Jalen Rose for a while now and I’m wondering why nobody’s really talking about him? 6’8” with long arms, pro 8 tween, long athlete, great release, and with the evo he becomes a solid defender. Why isn’t he being regarded as a top-tier PG??

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because they havent tried him.
I am trying to evo him and he already is very good.
what method did u try for those steals. 100 is painfull. i still need 50, but i am ready to give up…

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There are 81 reasons.


Rookie dom vs the cavs. Rush up on garland when he brings the ball up, and press x/square and slow down right before you get to him. I’m getting ~5 steals a game with that tactic

How much is the Evoed version and does he have post lockdown ?


He’ll finish over 200k. No post move lockdown, but good strength and gold moving truck

seems like a budget bron

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Ehh sounds good but I’ll stick with Walton and Wes Unseld

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That’s fair. I was just surprised how nobody was high on him considering he’s probably the 2nd best offensive tall PG in the game behind Tmac
-wait forgot about KD
-and Lamelo dammit

Yea I’d love to use him for a Michigan squad or sumn

I’ll make my goat Kobe match up with him and we’ll we will see how that goes

I just grabbed him for BIN. Non Evo. I have seen a few popnup here and there

i am getting 5 steals as well, and i was thinking if there is a better method that yields more steals per game. Its extremely boring and i am ready to give it up and just buy an evo one

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The base version is so rare bc no one ripped those packs

If he was a Prime VIP he’d be talked about a lot more as a budget beast bc he’d be like 50k non-evo

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LaMelo is 6 foot 8 as well

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Yeah there’s probably not a better way. I’m evoing Walton alongside rose so that’s making this more bearable for me

T Mac :face_vomiting:

Updated :joy: I’m stupid

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thats exactly what i did. I was evoing them both. Walton is finished, Rose everything is done as well except those 50 steals and … i am not playing 10 MORE full games vs my pc even if its AMD! ;p

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